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Marketing Strategy

At Red Feather Solutions, our marketing strategy is centered around achieving three core objectives:

Have More Sales Meetings

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We aim to have more conversations with target buyers who are actively seeking solutions for their needs.
Create a Larger Sales Pipeline: By converting more of these conversations into sales opportunities, we ensure a healthy pipeline for future business growth.
Close More Deals Faster: Our strategy is geared towards helping prospective customers overcome objections and make informed buying decisions efficiently.
Our approach primarily relies on digital marketing tactics, with a strong focus on creating and distributing digital content. This content serves a dual purpose, engaging and increasing awareness in the market while also assisting our sales efforts by guiding buyers through their decision-making process.

Future Marketing Plans

In the near future, we plan to continue expanding our digital marketing initiatives. This includes:

Website Enhancement:

Our website is at the core of our sales and marketing activities. We will continually improve and enhance it, focusing on one web page per month. This involves creating new pages or updating existing ones to ensure they meet evolving industry standards.


We will maintain a consistent blogging schedule, publishing one optimized educational or industry news article per week. This helps drive website traffic, improve SEO, and engage prospects.

Social Media

We will maintain a daily presence on social media platforms, actively promoting various marketing campaigns and engaging with prospects, leads, and customers.

Sales Enablement:

Sales and marketing alignment is a priority. This includes maintaining a robust CRM, assisting sellers with scripts and templates, lead scoring, and list development.


Building relationships with influencers and creating co-marketing programs will be part of our strategy to get in front of new potential customers.

Lead Generation

We aim to launch one new landing page every other month, accompanied by lead generation campaigns. These campaigns will address typical prospect questions or concerns, guiding them towards a buying decision.

Email Marketing

Regular communication with our customers and prospects is essential for nurturing leads and building relationships. We plan to send a weekly email to our target lists to keep our audience engaged and informed.

Paid Advertising:

Paid advertising will continue to play a role in expanding our reach to new potential customers and increasing website traffic. We will manage up to three ads per month to promote lead generation campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Our content is optimized across the board with a comprehensive SEO strategy, ensuring we maximize our opportunities to rank for target keywords and phrases.

Target Audiences:

Our target audiences include businesses and decision-makers across various industries, such as healthcare, fashion, IT, education, food and restaurants, and more. We cater to a diverse range of clients, from startups to established enterprises, who are seeking to strengthen their online presence, optimize their IT infrastructure, and drive digital growth. Our geographic focus is primarily on European countries, but we are committed to serving clients internationally.