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3 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Are you thinking about how people stay updated with the latest trends? Do you want to know how they keep up with their audience? Social media monitoring tools are the solution!

Every business or individual needs to know what people are talking about them. Talk about your customers, competitors, or the press; you must know what is going on. With the increasing amount of social media platforms, it is very difficult to manage what is going on in different social platforms. This is why it is important to use monitoring tools that can help you to keep up to date. 


What is Social Media monitoring? 

Social media monitoring is often considered as listening. It is an act where entrepreneurs or businesses tend to listen to what other people talk about their business, and how they perceive everything. It is even about any other topic that is important to the business. 

Social media monitoring can be done by the personal accounts of people, or from any other business account. Monitoring can be tracked by using specific keywords and hashtags. It can be done on one social media platform or several others. 

Every business has its own goals. Social media monitoring will help the business to become more efficient by giving an insight into any matter the business wants. For example, if the business has a talkative customer base, they will intend to reduce social media monitoring on several platforms and use a few social media networks where they can easily interact with their customers. Whereas, if the business is always in the news for something controversial or sensitive; they will intend to monitor every single talk about the reputation of their business. 

Why is social listening essential?

Some of the reasons why you need to start using social media listening tools today are: 

Free Social Monitoring Tools:

Although paid tools offer a variety of functions and features, free social media monitoring tools are great for businesses who do not know how it exactly works. It is always important to know what your customers and competitors are thinking while staying within the budget. New business owners, here comes the free monitoring tools for you to reach new heights.

Here are some free social media monitoring tools that can help you gain the best of your customer’s feedback. Let’s check them out.

1. Brand Mention:

Brand mention is a platform for social media monitoring, brand reputation, and web listening management. This platform offers 3 free online tools including the social media tracker, the hashtag tracker, and the brand tracker. 

2. The Social Media Tracker:

This tool is used to measure and track social media. It is not only limited to posts but tells about what people are talking about the brand/business. It gives an insight into mentions, social walls, language insights, etc. This can help you to stay up-to-date with what people think about the brand. Make your business effective, and better every day. The paid version offers more features in this tool. 

3. The Hashtag tracker:

The hashtag tracker is a tool to teach the hashtag trends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Hashtags are very important today and are used on social media to start a campaign or socialize a brand. 

4. The brand tracker:

This tool helps in tracking brand awareness, and performance on Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms. You need to know how ‘aware’ people are of your brand or if is there a need to market your brand differently.

Answer The Public:

This is a social listening tool that is a great help in answering what, how, and why kind of customer questions. It does not track where the business lies, but it monitors social media intending to see what the customers want. 

All problematic questions related to a brand, or a topic are answered by Answer the public. This tool enables brands to construct a strong social media presence that gives a detailed version of the business itself. It keeps up with social media handling by providing updated content that is valuable to the customers. 

Get going with Answer the Public and try to build an interactive approach with your customers. Let your social media speak for you with this social media monitoring tool. 

Google Alerts:

Google alerts is one of the simplest and easiest tools that helps you to monitor your social media. This tool gives you an instant notification or email when there is an ongoing new trend. It notifies when there has been a change in the user’s search items. 

Now you can sit back and relax. New industry trends, brand conversations, or any information about the competitors; Google alerts is here to handle this. Your social media is updated, and you exactly know what is going on. 


Many businesses are not aware of the importance of social media listening, and social media monitoring; they are missing real marketing opportunities. Gone are the times when it was enough to have a good product or service. Competition is too high with various opportunities to market the brands on social media. 

Social media monitoring can assess you with the latest trends and give you the best options to avail. All these free monitoring tools are great as they can be used for free; which means they are not heavy on the pocket either. 



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