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Four mistakes that can kill your marketing campaigns  

Four mistakes that can kill your marketing campaigns  

Marketing is the most important ingredient for a successful business. Talking about small business owners; their life revolves around eating, sleeping, and counting on the revenues. They are in the constant phase of doing something that could increase their revenues. Marketing is an essential tool that can spice up the product/services. 

In this era of social media, marketing on social platforms gives you the edge to speak about your product and let the world know what you are offering. However, sometimes there are marketing tactics that are of no use to your business. Entrepreneurs are so consumed with revenues that they do not check whether their marketing direction is right or wrong. Marketing must have all its ingredients to get the best result.

This article is all about the top marketing mistakes that can kill your campaign and customers. Let’s hop on! 

1. Trying not to be everywhere and for everyone:

There is no denying that a good, integrated marketing strategy leads to a message being reached to a large audience at the right time; while trying to be at too many places at the same time is a disaster. 

When you start marketing your product, you must be very clear about what your goals are, and who your targeted audience is. You cannot provide goods and services that can be used by everyone. Try to be clear and focused on who you want to capture to avoid any unnecessary problems. If you market your products trying to be for everyone, you will fail your brand and your customers. Target a niche rather than a demographic. Clear marketing will attract the right targeted audiences. 

When you are marketing, you want to be everywhere. That is absurd! You should never make 10 social accounts to promote your brand, trying to be everywhere. However, you must choose the right channels. Find out who can work on your behalf and focus only on them. 

Do not try hard to be there for everyone and e everywhere, or else your marketing techniques will fail regardless of how big your company is and how many people are working in your marketing department. 

2. Creating dull content:

Imagine looking at the same kind of advertisement again and again with very less changes, will you still have interest in it? Are you creating content only because you are asked to? Or are you willing to get the attention of your audience? 

Marketing must be fun. It should be informative, yet catchy. If you are creating content only because you have to, you are doing the wrong thing. Try to opt for something out of the box that can be remembered and associated with. This world of technology has created tough competition for brands to interact with their audience directly in a manner that they enjoy. Think from your perspective about what your product is and how good it can be. Marketing is too boring for dull content. 

3. Too much experimenting without research:

Consistency is the key to a successful brand. You must be consistent about your message, goals, and your imagery. Many entrepreneurs play spaghetti- throw it and stay with whatever sticks. This results in constant changing of strategies and tactics. You need to complete your research before you start marketing your brand. Marketing is not about experimenting and changing techniques. Customer loyalty is created when they see a brand being consistent with its services and strategies. 

Always keep a proportion of the marketing department to study the customers closely. See what they like, dislike, or patterns that can make up their mind to buy a God or service. 

4. Not tracking or measuring the results:

Most businesses tend to measure the results of a marketing strategy with the amount of revenue generated. While this does not indicate which marketing technique is effective. For this, it is essential to measure the results. To get the best results, key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be used to track how a technique is working. 

An example is if you have changed the wording of a headline of an advertisement, you should see what difference that makes. If you have changed the channel of marketing, have a close look at the impact it will have. 

Tracking results does not only end up measuring how well the marketing strategies are doing, but it also refers to feedback. Feedback plays a pivotal role for all brands. A brand is from its customers. It is essential to see if your brand satisfies your customers. The feedback will assess how helpful your marketing strategies are for your customers. E.g. questions like ‘Where did you get to know about the brand?’ Do not be afraid of negative reviews, but be thankful for honest reviews. Your customers make you do better every day. 


Marketing is a skill that requires practice and works for many hours/days. Every individual is not capable of potential marketing. These marketing campaigns are invested heavily, and a brand should not waste all the money and energy on something that is not effective. 

If you want a good marketing plan with a high return on Investment, get in touch with a professional media buyer today. You will have a high chance of targeting a larger audience with potential buyers. Do not waste your resources on an underperforming marketing campaign and try avoiding the mistakes



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