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Twitter’s Top Trends 

What is Trending on Twitter? 

Twitter  is one of the most used social media platforms all around the world. It is a bit different from all other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Twitter is considered as the place to look for what is breaking news or what’s trending. Most of us wake up in the morning and look in the trending section to see what is happening around us. Ever wondered who decides what will appear in the trending section? Or why are some topics not to be seen? We have! 


Why would we care about what is trending on Twitter?

In this era where social media plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Social applications and media platform presence are more important than a real presence. Twitter trending is equally important as the trends keep on jumping from one and another, you must be updated to share your words. This will make your content visible to a larger number of people who may not look at your content every day. 

Trending topics can make you popular and make your account much more popular. You may have an increased number of followers. Moving with the trend is essential for strategic reasons and keeps you upgraded! 

What are Twitter trending topics and how do they work?

Twitter trending comes from engagement and mentions by people for a particular topic. They are achieved when a particular keyword, hashtag, or topic is going very popular. When you start following a particular trending topic, Twitter displays more content about that thing on your homepage. It is because Twitter considers that you are interested in it. 

The main categories are found by the topics that have the most Tweets. It creates a conversation on the platform with different Tweets from all around the world by people sharing their thoughts and views. The categories and hashtags may vary, but most of them are commonly related to: 

This is the category that includes current news, breaking news, and all kinds of news regarding business, politics, etc. 

twitter trending news

This is related to the media mad Entertainment industry. Talk about the latest films, celebrities, Dramas, award shows, or any sort of news that is related to entertainment; it is all in it! 

twitter popular category entertainment

This category has everything covered regarding sports news. Talk about your favorite players, the games, or something happening in the sports; Twitter trends will cover it all. 

twitter popular category sports

This includes all kinds of memes and happenings around the culture.

twitter popular category pop culture


This includes basic topics like health, style of living, fitness, traveling, etc. 

twitter popular category about lifestyle

How and where to find Twitter Trending Topics

Generally, the trending topics appear on the homepage of your account. You can further look for the ‘trending topics’ in the trends section. Trends for You is a place where these are the trends you may find interesting. There is a list of recommended hashtags and options related to your location and interests. 

exploring on CHERP

Trending topics on Twitter are very important because they tell about what the audience wants. It explains what are people willing to hear and what are there. This keeps you updated with the latest trends, facts, and answers to what your audience cares about. 

Twitter trends help marketers have real-time conversations with their audiences. It let them be aware of the latest things that are happening in the community. 

The trends assess knowing the sentiments a topic has for the targeted audience. It explains how a topic should be dealt with and how to write about it without hurting the audience’s feelings. This platform allows you to engage with people on regular bases with new and innovative content which increases the topics automatically. 

Brands can always make use of Twitter trending topics and hashtags. It gives them a way to connect with their audience and engage in topics that are close to their targeted audience. These are some of the ways brands can use Twitter trending topics. 

1. Explore what's trending in your niche

Twitter will always show you topics that are of your interest. It will act as research for you to see what is trending in your industry and what works well for your targeted audience. A great way to build communication and interact with the people that matters to you the most. 

A brand is always looking for ways that can engage the audience and has a positive impact on their business. This is a perfect idea; however, you have to go be constant as Trending topics keep on changing. 

2. Retweet interesting topics

Twitter is not just about Tweeting, but re-sharing the Tweets makes you a part of a topic and conversation too. If you share someone’s name, and they re-post it too; a large number of people might look at your message with an immense number of new followers gained. This is what enhances visibility and makes your feed interesting. 

3. Check the user's opinion on a topic

User opinion is what matters in every business. Working on trending topics and talking about them will give you an insight into the evoking emotions people have regarding a particular topic. Now you have the option to search for the right tweet that can help you interact with your targeted audience. 

Grab the attention of your audience by using the latest trending topic and increase engagement for your business. 

Using the Twitter trends is not as simple as it may seem. The marketers must have the right information about how to use them and target the audiences. 

• Understand the sentiment of the audience around the topic

Every trending topic has audience attached to it. The sentiments are different according to the kind of thing trending. Imagine if a debate is trending over religion, that may be a very hard topic to touch. People are very emotional and possessive regarding their religions. 

Similarly, if a brand intends to market their product in a trending manner; they should always make sure that the topics have a positive vibe and positive image towards the audience. 

• Use hashtags to join the conversation

Hashtags are the most commonly used thing today. Back in the early days of Twitter, brands use all kinds of hashtags that are trending for the exposure and marketing of their business. However, the perception has now changed. 

Marketers must stick to the topics related to the business and follow them I’m their marketing strategy. It is a good idea to stick to the core values of the brand and maintain a voice. Trying to get into every conversation and using a variety of hashtags would portray how hard the brand is trying to fit in. 

• Subscribe to Twitter Topics

People can follow their favorite personality or brands on Twitter; Likewise, they can subscribe to their topic of interest. 

If you want to market your brand and are looking for the trending topics there; Twitter will prompt the Tweets on your feed. Even if you do not follow the person who tweeted, you can still see the tweets. The latest trending news and Tweets will be on the feed. 


Twitter has always been the kind of platform where trend-based conversations are generated. Never forget about your audience and the content they like, with the emotions attached to the topics. Work in your niche with trending topics on all kinds of topics and areas. 

Marketers, brands, or any professional field; Twitter is for you. You can easily find what is trending on Twitter. 

Follow the trends, use hashtags, and make a mark on Twitter for your business. 



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