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 How to use LinkedIn to generate leads?      

Linked in

Generating leads on LinkedIn can be amazingly valuable for your business. You may have heard of leads through different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You are using these three applications continuously. What about LinkedIn? If you are still not using LinkedIn to generate leads, you are missing out on something very important.

LinkedIn is a professional business platform that is famous for B2B connections. According to research, about 62% of the time this social platform succeeds in generating leads. This gives new opportunities to connect with your potential customers and ultimately increase your sales. Hence, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to assess you in generating leads. It is very important to use LinkedIn for businesses in many ways.

This article is all about teaching you ways how you can generate leads and make your company successful. It also shows why LinkedIn presence makes a difference.


Best Ways to generate leads on LinkedIn

1. Create a strong LinkedIn presence by optimizing your executives’ profiles, including yours:

You have to keep in mind that your profile acts as an elevator for your targeted audience. If it pitches the right information in the right place, you have hit it right. Make sure to create a strong profile that provides a piece of detailed information about your products and services. According to research, most customers make their decisions while being attracted by a profile. 

Create an eye-catching and interesting profile that can keep your potential customers engaged and convinces them to look at your products and services. 

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2. Create a compelling LinkedIn page for your business:

Creating a LinkedIn page is an essential component of LinkedIn’s marketing strategy. If you are started your business and want to take it professionally on LinkedIn with its own identity, the foremost important thing is to create a LinkedIn page for your business. This will give a detailed analysis of your business to the audience. 

Customers are habitual in looking at the LinkedIn pages of different businesses which gives them a clear view of what is the business about. If you have still not made a page on LinkedIn, do it now! 

3. Distribute articles or blogs that can relate to your industry consistently:

When you put on relevant content that is related to your industry consistently, it helps you to target potential customers for your company. Not only this, but it shows your presence on LinkedIn too. You will be considered an expert in the field who has enough information to share. This will help your company generate leads. 

Your content will be heard and looked forward to by the people in the same industry. LinkedIn can also help you introduce yourself to new people and make connections. You can even have a chance to start conversations with the targeted audience. Your blogs and articles related to the industry are worrisome and can easily help you in generating leads

4. Connect to your potential customers:

One of the most common ways, but the very important one is to connect to your potential customers. It is the best way to increase your reach and growth, expanding your customer base. Always create a list of potential customers to whom you can send connection requests too. 

You are easily connected to the people who are interested in your products and services. Simple! 

5. Use LinkedIn’s message feature to generate leads:

Using LinkedIn’s message feature is a great way to generate leads and create opportunities for potential clients. You can message them directly if you feel they are interested in your products and services. This will start direct communication between them and you. 

You can convey messages about your products and services, and whatever you have to offer. It will give a clear insight into what the other person is thinking or if they are willing to connect with your business. Now it is up to you how you make your messages tone into a conversation. Never be aggressive or forceful, but always try to be convincing. 

If you have still not messaged your potential customers on LinkedIn, here is your time to do so! 

6. Join some of the LinkedIn groups that your potential customers are in:

Like all other social platforms, LinkedIn allows you to create groups where professionals from the same industry or related ones are connected. It helps you to collaborate on different projects or allows you to display your business. 

Groups will allow you to show what you have to offer. You can add updates about your business in the group that can keep your targeted audience updated. Not only this but if the group members are active it will give them a chance to understand their preferences and pain points. It is essential to have content that compels your audience. Join groups today and show your presence in the business world. 

7. Join groups where professionals in your industry mentor:

It does only end up with making groups with potential customers, but you must join groups that are loaded by professional dealers. They will give you a chance to learn and follow their lead with expertise. It will give you experience and asses you in finding the right clients. 

Now you know how to message and who to message when you have learned it from your mentors.

Free Tools on LinkedIn that can help you generate leads

Invite connections and referrals:

Connections are the foremost important thing for all professionals. LinkedIn is a great place to build connections. When it comes to generating leads, the referrals and connections at LinkedIn can help people to create a list of their own connections.

Being referred to be a powerful technique to create strong connections.


LinkedIn has a great platform for all niches. People belonging to different niche will find a group of people who are going with the same problem and hassle. It allows every individual to communicate and participate with their advices to the other.

Get the most of LinkedIn participation too that can help in creating long-lasting relationships.

Free Messaging:

LinkedIn offers a cool facility of giving the chance to ‘message for free’. It is for the 1st and group connections. Brands must make the most of this free tool by writing appropriate content that is beneficial for all and is able to target the right connections.

Blended Accounts:

Blended Accounts is a tool that allows the LinkedIn account to be directly connected with the Twitter Account. All that is posted by a brand on LinkedIn comes up on Twitter for a wide number of followers to see.

Thus, all this gives a good opportunity to reach the message and increase connections to a wider number of people.

LinkedIn paid Services that can help you generate leads

Sponsored content:

Get the word out of the brand by paying others for sponsored content. It could be used by tagging the brand where exactly the right audience is found. The brand content and techniques will help gain more sales and long-lasting contacts.

Display Ads:

These are advertisement that are displayed to a wider audience on LinkedIn. The content is customized for the brand and is a key factor to engage potential customers.

All business and brands today are using LinkedIn to connect to their audience. It is a perfect experience for brand awareness, announcing new products, events, offerings, or a new range.

To not be available on this social platform would be a loss for every brand that is looking to generate leads and create long term relationships with their clients. The brand can provide a Discussion regarding the business, or show an insight view of what things may look like. This will give the audience a clear view of what the business has to offer.


This form helps driving new customers with the process of Pay per Click (PPC). It is a budget friendly service that works for everyone and a good form of advertising.


Concluding, generating leads is not very easy. However, it is the foremost important thing for every company that is moving and intending to grow. If you want to have profitable revenue and generate sales, it is essential to turn the targeted audience into paying customers. These can happen when you have an attractive profile, good connections, communication skills, and are following the right marketing strategy. 

These seven steps mentioned in the article can help you generate leads easily on LinkedIn without worrying too much. You have to be consistent and content with your work, assuring the quality you provide. Get the attention of your audience with compelling content and start your professional journey. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to start the professional journey and reach new heights. Your audience has a right to know what is your brand, and the happening around your brand.

 If you are still thinking about how to start, this is your time to move with these easy steps and make bright furniture for your company. 



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