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Why is Pinterest a social platform worth using for your business?

Why Pinterest is a social platform worth using for your business

Pinterest is a social platform that is mostly underrated. It is a platform that allows you to share, discover, and collect images, videos, and short animations, gifs in the form of pin boards. It allows users to combine their collections according to their interests and preferences. The question people tend to ask is why Pinterest? It is not considered by many to be used for business purposes. Or they may say they do not have time for a new social media platform. However, Pinterest is very useful. 

With so many social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Twitter; why should people focus on Pinterest? Many things make this social media platform worth useful. It is a visual platform that focuses on Pictures and videos for brands to convey their messages. These are a few reasons why Pinterest is a channel you should start up with. 

Here are some of the top reasons you should start using Pinterest regardless of whatever business you have! Pinterest will lead your way toward an effective marketing strategy that will let you explore new opportunities.

1. Pinterest converts more browsers into buyers:

Pinterest is a social media platform that reduces the steps from discovering the source to converting it. It explains the source directly. It is more likely to convert browsers into buyers and generate sales. People commonly use Pinterest for inspiration. I can bet you would also have used Pinterest once to collect ideas or plan something. It can be considered a search engine that most people use during the research phase. Do give it a try on Pinterest.

2. Pinterest drives traffic:

Pinterest is great at driving traffic like no other social media platform. It directs the browsers directly to your page which can help you grow your business, with loads of traffic. (Thank you Pins!)

The traffic is directed to websites where good content is posted. If the content is something that can grab attention and is followed by the audience, good for you! Always try to make content that is compelling to your viewers and eye-catching to keep them engaged. 

3. Large customer base:

According to research, Pinterest boasts a ridiculously large customer base with high engagement levels. A large number of people from around the world are using this social platform.

Users on this platform eagerly pin their favorite things and share them with their groups. This is highly beneficial for your business! You might be wondering why it’s a good idea, but it’s because a large number of people are seeing your content, allowing your business to reach new heights.

4. Pinterest integrates with your website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Account:

Do you think it is a good idea to cross-connect different social platforms? It may be a very good option for many users. This is beneficial for your business because different customers based on several social platforms can see you. The message is widespread with a variety of people. It could be a great move for your social media marketing strategy. 

5. Discover what your audience loves:

The audience is the most important person while doing business. Pinterest allows you to look at what people like. If someone follows you, you can follow them back and get the first impression of their likes and dislikes. 

Moreover, Pinterest shows what is trending and what the latest hot thing in town is! Easy to make content now? You know what your audience loves and now you can target it the right way! 

When there are colors and visual representations of a business, customers are more likely to get attracted. Pinterest is a great way of portraying your business visually. It is currently the only social application that allows visual searches. 

The trend is new and used by fewer people. It is a great idea for you to jump on it early and make a mark for your business. 

7. Brand Exposure:

Brand exposure is all about taking your brand to a new customer base. Pinterest is the perfect place to get your brand to the next level. As discussed earlier, you can share posts on different websites and social platforms which help you gain popularity in different areas. Create exposure for your brand by using Pinterest and show the world who you are!

How to use Pinterest for business?

You can get in touch with an influencer whose audience best fits your marketing strategy and ask them to perform some publicity or shoutouts. These images and videos can be used in advertisements to draw in more viewers. Your firm will undoubtedly see rewards from this.

A brand is always looking for ways that can engage the audience and has a positive impact on their business. This is a perfect idea; however, you have to go be constant as Trending topics keep on changing. 

1. Create a Pinterest marketing strategy:

TikTok is a mobile-first design, so you may use a variety of platforms to develop your design that is ideal for phones. The design has to be remarkable and the pixels must have a high resolution. You can use popular soundtracks to draw viewers into your material. Most significantly, effective emoticon use will aid in spreading your message and raising awareness.

Pinterest is a visual platform that captivates audience with the images. It is very important to have the right visuals and quality for the images to show. The images should be vertical as most of the viewers look at the pictures through their phones. 

The quality and display of the images must be according to what Pinterest considers as best. Moreover, descriptive images would be the cherry on top. It can help improve the SEO and encourages the users to open the link. 

Always attach links that are working. Make sure they load fast and avoid error 404. If there are errors in the link, people will be reluctant to open them. Make sure your content is captivating to catch the audience with headlines that reinforce your brand message. 

3. Carefully plan your boards:

The way a brand plans its boards captivates attention and draws the audience into new things. It attracts most people and can lead to learning new terminologies or topics, helping reach new pinners.

Every brand organizes its boards differently based on its own brand identity. For example, Oreo, a food item brand, can have boards like “Play with Oreo,” “Recipes with Oreo,” or “Fun Holidays with Oreo.” All these boards share the brand’s message while advertising the brand simultaneously.

4. Optimize your pins for SEO:

Pinterest is a Search engine. You should always use keywords that are easy to search and look for. Include keywords on Pins, boards, and hashtags. Your content is visible to a greater audience with keywords and hashtags. 

Try out different Pinterest Ads

One other way to market on Pinterest is marketing with Pinterest Ads. These advertisements allow to target audience on the basis of interests, location, age, and keywords. 

Pinterest analyzes the audience in detail by considering those who have visited the post, engaged with the pins, or interacted with similar posts.

Pinterest terminologies:

Before signing up for Pinterest, you must be aware of the basic terminologies used on this platform. Some of them are as follows:

Pins: All content shared on Pinterest is considered Pins. Pins are what you share to attract your audience and showcase ideas that inspire you.

Pinners: Pinterest refers to its users as Pinners.

Boards: These are visual boards that organize the pins you have saved. You categorize and group your pins on different boards.

Feed: Similar to Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest has its feed. It shows pins from your followers and suggests images that Pinterest thinks you might be interested in.

Sending Pins: You can send pins to any user, even those who are not currently using the social platform. These will be delivered as private messages.


Are you still not convinced about Pinterest as a social media platform? Do you want to start your journey on Pinterest? This is your time to sign up for your account and create a new path for your business. Unleash the power of this social platform and utilize it for your business in the best possible manner.

This article highlights that Pinterest is a highly underrated platform for business promotion, and many people are still unaware of its advantages. It shows how useful Pinterest can be and why it is a social platform worth considering for your business. Additionally, the article provides guidance on how to use Pinterest for business advertisements and promotion.

Start your journey today and make a mark in the business world. Connect your customers to sales and generate new leads. You be you and let the world see who you are. Pinterest will definitely help you discover the new world of business marketing. 



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